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don't talk shit about celestia ludenberg to me unless you lookin to get dropped
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Anonymous said: mercutio! how do you feel about the idea of romeo getting married one day?



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yall remember that episode of transformers g1 where the decepticons got access to a Hip New giant robot the japanese government created and her name was nightbird and she was a badass ninja who did everything perfect and starscream was pmuch chill the first part of that episode i mean as chill as he could be but was totally bein practical about the situation but then megatron started really seeing her as a valuable asset to them and started sayin shit like “wow nightbird is amazing she would probably make an amazing second in command……” and “damn starscream ….shawty so fly i might have to give her your job…..” and then without missing a beat starscream switched his views and for the rest of the episode was literally like

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cronebula said: i /so/ want to participate in the making of MANIA!! tho i love

you’re hired i don’t even care if someone with more experience shows up when its time to do the damn thing you called savesies and i’m unprofessional so its written in blood now essentially

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*pulls up to Sonic Drive-In* HEY *honks la cucuracha horn* YO DOES KNUCKLES WORK HERE

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the other week i stumbled upon an article titled "17 little things attractive girls do differently" … i was so appalled/amused that i decided to make some new hive pages as a response

click here to start (there are 17 pages total)

you can find them all via the #feminism tag here

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