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don't talk shit about celestia ludenberg to me unless you lookin to get dropped
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deathrowbeauty said: Seriously, be extra prepared to sob and slowly whither away from existence because of Mother 3. The first 2 games are just kinda goofy in their approach with dialogue, and semi-serious with story stuff. But Mother 3 delivers imho

this is what i’m hearing

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jinxietenma said: Also for the mother series the first game is ugly af but it's imperative that you go in order of earthbound zero > earthbound > mother 3 trust in me

i will do this my son

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russell harvard is cute how much does he cost

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop (Official HD Lyrics Video)

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i really need to play or watch someone play the MOTHER series bc yeah it looks good n all but it also looks exactly like how i want “MANIA!!” and the rest of the “endgame” series games to look and i’m sick pumped

i’m always really curious as to why ppl reblog stuff from me that’s clearly got some stuff only a few others will get. like no one else knows what “MANIA!!” or the “endgame” series are. even if i just said “i wanna play MOTHER” that’s not even like. worth reblogging idk i’m not even upset i just don’t get it.

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Anonymous said: May I politely suggest naming your game something less ableist than "Mania" ?

yes you may but i’m not gonna do it

mania is a medical term to refer to heightened mood and behavior normally found in bipolar disorders and the like and opposing depression hence the outdated term “manic depressive disorder” but its chiefly just a word meaning excess enthusiasm or obsession

i named the game “MANIA!!” because it refers to multiple aspects of the game; religious mania being one in reference to the blatantly biblical characters and inspiration throughout the story and how a great deal of the game is focused on the apocalypse coming earlier than scheduled because someone misplaced the calendar and the basis for the afterlife rests on the story of satan being kicked out of heaven and the war between he and god whose nature and essence is also a constant source of question and enigma and is cause for a lot of characters’ interpersonal issues/resolves. also, “MANIA!!” refers to the obsession people have with right and wrong and morality as a whole, whether it be always doing the right thing, being sick of always doing the right thing, is the right thing actually wrong, is wrong just a matter of perspective, does guilt or lackthereof determine whether an action is right or wrong, and all in all will we face consequences or be rewarded for our right or wrong choices and by that logic is doing the right thing capable of being completely selfless in intention? if not does intention make something right when the deed itself is wrong? shit like that. “MANIA!!” refers to our constant obsession with death, life after death, is there even life after death, death and disassociation, fascination with death, macabre intrigue with celebrity death, and on and on it goes and how sometimes it seems we live just getting by until we can finally die but when death comes early what kind of life do you wish you’d had? and lastly “MANIA!!” overall refers to our obsession with understanding the mysteries of life even if done so ridiculously like we can’t just let something be we have to dissect it until its parts are all out on the table plain to see; we’re obsessed, some of us, with fate and whether or not its real and if we can control it or if we’re all meant for great things or if the world is just spinning madly on. the title all has to do with humankind’s constant obsession with inevitable truths that cannot be explained as well as how a great deal of these inevitable truths are comprised entirely in complexion on our attitude towards them. it has to do a lot with perception and balance, fear and anxiety, terror and contentment and how each of those things is individual to all of us and how even the worst of those things are beautiful in that they validate us as human beings. the story does deal greatly with mental health but the title has nothing to do with it.

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