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when i was eleven i wrote a song called “i wish frogs didn’t scare me” and i was just unpacking some boxes and i found it and holy shit i think i might have unintentionally written an allegory about the overbearing grip of the patriarch on modern society in this song

"i wish frogs didn’t scare me
because they’re kind of cute
and they hop and they jump
but i jump when they do

my mom’s scared of frogs
she hates them a lot
and i don’t think i’d fear frogs
if my mother did not

but she says she’s been jumped on
by frogs and by toads
they have jumped on her legs
they have jumped on her toes

i wish frogs didn’t scare me
cuz they’re all around
and they make funny faces
and make funny sounds

if you kiss a frog
he’ll turn into a prince
you can live in his castle
and live like you’re rich

but what if he lies
and it’s all quite the ruse
and then next thing you know
you’ve become a frog too?

i wish frogs didn’t scare me
but they always will
not all of them mean to
but all of them still

they’re green and they’re slimy
but i can’t recall
a time when we never needed frogs at all”

- tumblr user mervolio, age 11

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